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I suppose that most of us who are following your story are waiting until it's complete before commenting, but I just wanted to comment now because I want to offer encouragement to you.
I have been following your story the whole way. I'm amazed by your strength and by the evil you had to endure. It's no wonder that Jesus had such hard words for the Pharisees, if this is the kind of thing they were doing.

I was in a house church myself for a few years, and I finally realized that I was dealing with spiritual abuse. I was counseled by everyone I trusted to get out of it, the sooner the better, and stay out. I can honestly say that my situation was not nearly as bad as yours. Perhaps that's because I'm a man. I was moved to tears by the words from heaven. God's grace is truly amazing.


I have said to friends that if I ever start a church myself, I know firsthand about all the things NOT to do. Looking back now I can see that those particular people didn't start a house church because they had a beautiful vision of a better way to be the Body of Christ, they started it because they couldn't get their own way in the big church they were part of, and wanted to be in control.

And yes, it is only because God somehow kept everything going that I stand today

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