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Karen, Thank you for your story. Relationships are always going to be a major area of spiritual attack (I believe) because learning to walk in tender, vulnerable love with another human being is one of the most Christ-saturated things we can ever do. It is the place where we love, and the place where we grow. On a purely pragmatic level, one of the most helpful things I have found when old wounds surface is to say to myself "that was then, this is now". Then I commit my broken places to jesus, and walk forward anyway (well .. mostly ..)


Thanks for the comment Hope. I think you are right on about relationships being a major area of spiritual attack - perhaps why the idea of cross-gender friendships get so much scrutiny from the church. The mystery of relationship - so vast and deep we could spend all our lives exploring it. Add in all our hurts, hopes, desires, dreams, sufferings and then let God reveal Himself in His way and His time - wow how do you describe that? Like being a kid in the biggest, most colorful candy store in the world or seeing the Grand Canyon in person and it literally takes your breath away. God is good and I'm soooo thankful for every person He has put it my life - male or female - who, because of their love for Jesus, took my hand and said, "Come and see!"

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