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Your story is powerful.

While on the surface you and I might not have much in common, I recongize many of my own longings in what you wrote. Thank you for sharing your heart.

Jack Harris


Thanks for the kudos, I appreciate it. :)




Thank you for the courage and grace to share yourself on this blog!

Just finished John Grisham's collection of short stories, "Ford County," in which the last story made me think a little differently about your post.

By the time I was 22, I thought I had "it" all pretty well sorted out and tidily secured with a pretty blue ribbon. Then life kept happening. And now . . . (right now, as a matter of fact, it appears to be snowing AND raining at the same time - metaphor perhaps?)

"We are such little [people] when the stars come out." (Hagedorn)



Jack Harris

Thanks Shelia! Glad you liked the essay :)


Dan Brennan

Jack, I thank you again for sharing your journey with us. I am fascinated by the depth of intimacy you share in "nonsexual" relationships (friendships). I put that in quotation marks because it is impossible for us to be "nonsexual" or "asexual." When I say that, it's a specific intentional choosing that one will not choose to pursue a path of sex in the relationship.

I would love for you to go a little more in depth if you can, on what that looks like for you for gays in general. As someone who is straight and enjoys close opposite sex friendships, I've had to face so much opposition from others (i.e. in your WASP category) about the dangers of vulnerability, about physical closeness with a woman friend, etc. I have ventured forth into physical intimacy without any intention of seducing or moving into some kind of foreplay scenario. I do believe this is an area where heterosexuals can learn much from the gay community. I would love for you to elaborate on this if you could.

Jack Harris


Thanks for the flattering comments. I will think on this and get back with you :)


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